• Exceptional economy - just 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers

    Solaris travels 100 km, consuming just 5.9 liters of fuel, which makes it very economical and practical.

    Fuel consumption data for the 1,4l engine with manual transmission.
  • img_pip_accent_highlights_02.jpg
    impressive power

    Solid performance at modest sizes. This is what distinguishes Solaris. Gamma petrol engine has more power and torque. This model will give you a new driving experience.

  • RU_solaris5dr_hig_2013Mar06_04 APPEARANCE style, technology, safety - easy to understand what distinguishes Solaris in a number of other compact cars.
  • SALON Inside, it continues to fascinate casual elegance, smooth contours, a delightful contrast.
  • img_pip_accent_highlights_06.jpg SPECIFICATIONS Efficiency and environmental awareness do not interfere with this car to indulge your desire for comfort and confidence. It is a true masterpiece of engineering that can evaluate each.
  • CONVENIENCE The new audio system with a bright display and ergonomic control panel will be a great addition to your trip.

Here, everything is done for you

It features an ergonomic space having a metallic hue,
which is pleasing to the eye and practical for everyday use. Doors
keep harmonious bending panel and updated sports design
door handles completes the overall picture.

  • Pockets for storage rear passengers

  • Soft armrests on the doors

  • Multifunctional steering wheel enables you to control the basic functions of the car without taking your hands from him

  • New seat covers not only spectacular, but also strong

  • The luggage compartment
    volume of transported cargo is an impressive 1,345 liters. With the rear seats folded

The bold look into the

Unique accents distinguish it from the general stream:
integrated into the body of the original fog
lights, wide and thorough chrome grille
radiator, headlights and curved bonnet shape and the dimensions of
which hint at the hidden power under him. This model is
truly woven from "flowing lines".

Small in size,
powerful in effect

Modern design from all points of view. Flowing lines, a bumper with reflectors and sleek
taillights look luxurious and harmonious.

The rear lights
will not go unnoticed

organically complementing the image of the car from behind and from the sides, the sleek tail lights provide a very bright glow and clearly visible to other road users.

Always smart and sporty

Silhouette suggestive of a coupe thanks to smooth contours of the roof, the cabin shifted forward and the sharp
lines in the lower part of the body.

  • Head lights
    Head lights provide good illumination of the road, making it easy to move in the night

  • Exterior mirrors with turn indicators repeaters
    Large mirrors with turn signal repeaters provide excellent visibility and additional safety when maneuvering.

  • Daytime Running Lights

  • Wheels
    Buyers Solaris offers a choice of 15-inch steel and 16-inch alloy wheels with an attractive design, which provide the most modern car's appearance.

  • Rear fog light

Gamma 1.4

Gamma 1.4

Gamma 1.6

Gamma 1.6
1.6 CRDi diesel engine with VGT
Reducing engine weight improved the economy, while the Gamma 1.4 CVVT gives maximum power of 107 l. from. at 6300 rev / min, Gamma 1.6 CVVT - 123 l. from. at 6300 rev / min.
Under the hood is not Solaris fewer benefits than the outside.
  • Gamma 1.4

Automatic Transmission
4-speed automatic transmission * Solaris gives excellent dynamics and high smoothness.

Anti-lock braking
system (ABS)

When braking, anti-lock system is activated,
which, if necessary, to prevent wheels from locking and
slipping the car into a skid,
and also helps to maintain control of the vehicle.

  • Seat belt pretensioners
    In the event of a collision sensors immediately record the impact and automatically tensioned seat belts around the lower part of the body for better protection.

  • High-performance brake system
    C with four brake discs provides perfect deceleration and stable operation of the ABS and EBD systems even in very dynamic driving.

The dashboard

The instrument panel with tachometer and speedometer is a white and blue
backlighting that allows the driver to easily read data in any
environment. The required information is displayed visually and
duplicated beeps: serious functional in combination with
an elegant sports style.

Conventional instrument panel

Trip computer
Trip computer will inform you with useful information,
such as travel time and the remaining fuel range.
Here you will find the ECO Drive indicator, which will help
achieve the best efficiency while driving.

The ability to connect via AUX-USB Input Jacks
USB-port on the front of the console allows you to connect via AUX-USB Input Jacks, MP3-player or other mobile multimedia devices and play your favorite music via the on-board audio system. Connect and listen, no additional configuration is required.

Parking sensors
Sensors in the rear bumper react to objects you cannot see and beep to warn you.


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